Laws for Hunting Fox in Virginia

What are the laws for hunting fox in Virginia? This article covers many of the fundamental laws you will need to know to get started. It also provides information such as seasons, harvest limits, and required permits for bobcat hunting in Virginia. It is not a legal document and is not intended to cover all hunting laws and regulations.

Laws for Hunting Fox in Virginia
Laws for Hunting Fox in Virginia.

In Virginia, foxes may be hunted November 1 through February 28: Closed in Albemarle, Clarke, Culpeper, Fauquier (except Quantico), Loudoun, Louisa, and Rappahannock counties. No foxes may be taken outside of firearms season. A valid hunting license is required. There are no bag limits.

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General regulations for hunting fox in Virginia.

Suppressors. When legally owned, they may be used for hunting.

Baiting. Allowed on private land and some public lands. There is a noted restriction: it is illegal to feed any wild animal when the feeding results in property damage, endangers people or wildlife, or creates a public health concern.

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Electronic callers. Legal for fox hunting. Electronic calls may be used to hunt bobcats, coyotes, crows, foxes and raccoons, but not other species. With the exception of crows, written permission of the landowner is required to hunt with electronic calls on private lands. Electronic calls may also be used on public lands (except where specifically prohibited) during periods when the use of firearms is allowed.

While electronic callers are expensive, mouth and hand callers are cheaper but harder to use.

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Night hunting fox in Virginia.

Lights, night vision, infrared, and thermal riflescopes. All are allowed on private land. Check for public land restrictions here before hunting coyotes at night.

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Night hunting. Nuisance species may be taken day or night.

Can I kill a fox on my property in Virginia.

If the season is closed, you may take a nuisance fox if you meet the following:

  • No Kill Permit required from VDGIF
  • Landowner may kill on his own land during closed season
  • You must contact the Commonwealth Attorney’s office in your county/city for information regarding legal methods of animal removal. Local ordinances are usually more restrictive than state laws.

Nuisance fox may also be taken at night, where local laws permit.

Always check Virginia laws, your local game warden, or animal control officer for updates before proceeding.

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