Laws for Hunting Fox in Michigan

What are the laws for hunting fox in Michigan? This article covers many of the fundamental laws you will need to know to get started. It also provides information such as seasons, harvest limits, and required permits for bobcat hunting in Michigan. It is not a legal document and is not intended to cover all hunting laws and regulations.

Laws for Hunting Fox in Michigan
Laws for Hunting Fox in Michigan.

In Michigan, the red and gray fox hunting and trapping season dates are Oct. 15 – Mar. 1. A Base License and a Fur harvesting license are required. There are no bag limits.

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Can you use bait when hunting fox in Michigan?

Yes, fur harvesters may use the parts of game animals as bait if:
• The game used as bait was lawfully trapped or hunted and if it is the open season for the game being used as bait.
• Some game killed as the result of a motor vehicle collision may be used as bait. Visit for a Roadkill salvage permit.

Wearing hunter orange when hunting fox in Michigan.

You must wear a cap, hat, vest, jacket or rain gear of hunter orange when taking game during the established daylight hunting hours from Aug. 15 through April 30. Hunter orange includes camouflage that is not less than 50 percent hunter orange. The garments that are hunter orange should be the hunter’s outermost garment and should be visible from all sides of the hunter.

The hunter orange requirements do not apply to a person who is stationary and in the act of hunting bobcat, coyote, or fox. Hunter orange is NOT required year-round when nighttime hunting.

Can I hunt from a raised platform or tree stand?

You may hunt from a raised platform or tree stand if you are:
• Bow or crossbow hunter (all species).
• Fox, coyote, raccoon or opossum hunter (day or night).
Bobcat hunter (day only).
All other firearm fur harvesters are prohibited from using a raised platform or tree stand.

Can electronic callers be used when hunting fox in Michigan?

Yes, hand or mouth-operated calls and electronic calls that imitate wounded prey or coyote calls are legal.

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Night hunting fox in Michigan.

Can I use artificial lights when hunting for furbearers at night?
Yes, individuals in compliance with the above regulations may use artificial lights of the type ordinarily held in the hand or on the person.

Can I use optics such as scopes or laser sights when hunting furbearers at night?
Yes. Scopes, open sights, thermal, infrared and laser sights may all be used by individuals complying with nighttime regulations above.

What are the restrictions on using artificial lights when I am not hunting furbearers at night?
• It is unlawful to use an artificial light (including vehicle headlights) to locatewild animals at any time during November and all other days of the year between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.
• Unless hunting furbearers at night and in compliance with nighttime hunting
regulations, it is unlawful to use an artificial light on a highway or in a field, wetland, woodland or forest while having in your possession or control a bow and arrow, firearm or other device capable of shooting a projectile.
• An artificial light may be used from Nov. 1-30 on property you own or property owned by a member of your immediate family if you do not have in your possession or control a bow and arrow, firearm or other device capable of shooting a projectile.• It is a violation of federal law to shine at any time on any national wildlife refuge.
• Those not possessing a firearm or bow and arrow while traveling on foot may use lights during dog training or field trials to follow dogs chasing raccoon, opossum or fox.
• A lighted pin sight on a bow or a scope with illuminated crosshairs may be used to hunt game during legal hunting hours.
Exception: This prohibition does not apply to pistols carried under the authority of a concealed pistol license or properly carried under authority of a specific exemption from the requirement of a concealed pistol license. This does not authorize the individual to use the pistol to take game except as provided by law.

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