The Rules for Hunting Coyotes in Louisiana

The laws for hunting coyotes in Louisiana couldn’t be any plainer: Coyotes are ”Outlaw Quadrupeds.”

Legally, outlaw quadrupeds are any an invasive species which has caused severe crop and land damage throughout the state. This also includes feral hogs and armadillos. Please, make sure you check the hunting laws for Louisiana for any changes before you make you first coyote stand there.

The rules for hunting coyotes in Louisiana.

Licensed hunters in Louisiana may take coyotes year-round during legal shooting hours. Coyotes may be taken year-round at night on private property by the landowner or his lessee or agent, with the landowner’s written permission and contact information in his possession.

The rules for hunting coyotes in Louisiana.

FIrst, you can buy a Louisiana hunting license here.

Check out the Louisiana hunting seasons.

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Night hunting coyotes in Louisiana.

Nighttime Take of Outlaw Quadrupeds

Landowners or their designees must follow additional regulations for nighttime take of outlaw quadrupeds, nutrias, and beavers.

On private property in Louisiana, the landowner, or his lessee or agent with the landowner’s written permission and contact information in his possession, may take outlaw quadrupeds, nutrias, and beavers from one-half hour after official sunset to one-half hour before official sunrise.

Legal methods for night hunting coyotes in Louisiana.

Legal methods for nighttime take include any legal firearm which may be used with or without the aid of artificial light, infrared, or laser sighting devices or night vision devices. Sound suppressors on the firearm(s) are permitted, but anyone using such a weapon must have a valid permit issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives in their possession.

Anyone taking part in these activities at night must notify the sheriff’s office of the parish in which the property is located within 24 hours in advance of any such activity or immediately upon taking the animal. 

A simple scope mounted light is inexpensive—but truly an exciting way to get into the sport of hunting coyotes at night. Read this article to choose the right color of light for night hunting predators.

Infrared scopes provide better target identification compared to thermal, but are expensive. Beginners should consider the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro, but read this article before buying one.

A thermal riflescope instantly lets you if there are coyotes around, but they are very expensive . You must wait until you have determined you are addicted to coyote or predator hunting before buying one. For new hunters, I recommend the ATN Thor 4 (good for up to 150 yards). Please check out my article on ATN Thor 4 scope before buying one.

Electronic callers and decoys for hunting hunting in Louisiana.

You can use both electronic callers and decoys when hunting coyotes in Louisiana.

Decoys are not expensive, but there are some that are less than $20.

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Coyote hunting in Louisiana on private property.

In Louisiana: “Criminal trespass: No person shall enter any structure, watercraft, or movable owned by another without express, legal, or implied authorization. No person shall enter upon immovable property owned by another without express, legal, or implied authorization. No person shall remain in or upon property, movable or immovable, owned by another without express, legal, or implied authorization.”

If you have limited land and no real access to public land, you need to manage what you have and ask for permission to hunt private land. The following articles will be useful to you:

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Suppressor and night hunting restrictions for hunting coyotes in Louisiana.

Any person who has been convicted of a class four or greater hunting violation for a period of five years after the date of such conviction shall not use a firearm fitted with a sound suppressor.

No person shall be allowed to participate or be present during nighttime hunting activities if convicted of a class three or greater wildlife violation within the previous five years or if he has any other prohibition which would prevent the legal use of a firearm or participation in a hunting activity.

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