My Favorites: The Two Best Killer Predator Callers

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Predator callers are only the guaranteed way to get a fox or a coyote to come in close. Only a few years ago, predator hunters were lugging around record players and tape decks, or struggling to master mouth reeds and hand callers. Today, there are two tools you can easily use to trick predators into coming within 50 yards of your rifle; even if it is your first time hunting them.

The most affordable predator caller?

This will sound crazy, but the one predator caller I always have with me, has never failed to get a varmint to change direction, or stop on a dime? The Primos Mouse Squeeze Call.

You can buy one here:

It is the least expensive, most effective, close range caller on the market. It takes just a few minutes to master, but the sound has bamboozled more predators for me than any other caller.

Want a fox to to charge out of a wood line and come racing straight toward you? Give the Primos a few soft and fast squeezes and then slowly pump the rubber caller to make your call sound like a frightened, wounded mouse. Sure, fox eat chickens, but a fat little, wounded field mouse makes for a great snack.

The Primos Mouse Squeeze Call’s main benefits

I think I paid less than $10 for mine, so, that’s benefit number one. I still have the first and only one I ever bought, benefit number two. It’s tiny, requires no batteries, and it’s freeze proof. I think I’ll just stop keeping count here.

It’s the only caller that reliably produces a soft, low volume sound. As a result, it is what I begin every calling sequence with. It won’t startle an unseen fox that’s sitting 10 yards away, but it will make it look up and stare at you.

I’ve successfully used it at ranges over 200 yards to coax foxes into closer range. I’ve stopped running coyotes dead in their tracks, simply by giving it a quick tap.

To sum up; it won’t fail in the field, has a magical effect on coyotes, foxes, and bobcats, and it’s rugged.

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The most reliable electronic predator caller?

When it comes to predator callers, you’ll want one with high quality sound, that’s easy to use, has a remote control with 50-100 yards of range, and has a large internal library of various calls.

It should also be water resistant and built to last in the rough conditions it will be operating in.

I’ve bought quite a few electronic predator callers. Only one has met every challenge.

Fox Pro Hammerjack

I use the Fox Pro Hammerjack for almost every calling session and stand I make. Other predator callers distorted their sounds when the speaker horn froze, failed to connect between the remote and the speaker far too often, or were too hard to use in the dark.

It is still available today, and I recommend it over the newer Hammerjack 2. If not check for FoxPro callers here.

I also have been using rechargable batteries in this predator caller for the last two years. My favorites are these:

Carry both predator callers, you’ll thank me later.

The Primos Mouse Squeeze doesn’t take up any space and if you bump a fox or coyote while headed into your stand location, a quick squeeze will save your hunt. It’s also a great way to stop a predator without having to change up the sound on your electronic caller.

One final tip: It’s always good to carry extra batteries.

Now go out more fur in the back of the truck.

Dennis V. Gilmore Jr.

Dennis V. Gilmore Jr. is a former Marine Sergeant and the author of several books, including two on night hunting coyotes and red and gray fox. He has written several hundred articles on predator hunting for

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