Laws for Hunting Fox in Oregon

What are the laws for hunting fox in Oregon? This article covers many of the fundamental laws you will need to know to get started. It also provides information such as seasons, harvest limits, and required permits for bobcat hunting in Oregon. It is not a legal document and is not intended to cover all hunting laws and regulations.

Laws for Hunt Fox in Oregon
Laws for Hunt Fox in Oregon.

In Oregon, red and gray fox may be hunted from October 15 through February 28. A Furtakers License allows the holder to trap, hunt, and pursue. A Hunting License for Furbearers allows the holder only to hunt and pursue. Licenses are available for sale on June 1. There are no bag limits.

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General rules for hunting fox in Oregon.

Can you use decoys and electronic callers while bobcat hunting in Oregon?

Electronic calls or electronically activated calls may be used.

If you are unfamiliar with mouth and hand calls, here’s two articles with instructional videos that will help you learn to use them.

  1. 3 open reed calls you can learn now.
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Is hunting fox in Oregon legal with a suppressor?

Silencers are legal in Oregon. Hunting? Silencers are legal for hunting both game and non-game animals in Oklahoma.

Can you hunt fox at night in Oregon?

The state law regarding artificial lights does not allow for use when hunting foxes:

“It is unlawful to use an artificial light for hunting any wildlife, except raccoon, bobcat, and opossum provided the light is not cast from or attached to a motor vehicle. This includes laser sights or any other sights which project a beam to the target, including scopes with electronic rangefinders and scopes that receive information from a rangefinder or any electronic device.  This does not include battery operated sights which only light the reticle.”

The same regulation says this about infrared or night vision riflescopes. “It is unlawful to hunt or locate or scout for the purpose of hunting any wildlife with infrared or any other “night vision” sight or equipment except trail cameras.”

You need a special license to hunt fox in Oregon.

Furtakers need either a Furtaker’s License or a Hunting License for Furbearers. Licenses are available for sale on June 1.

A Furtakers License allows the holder to trap, hunt, and pursue.

A Hunting License for Furbearers allows the holder only to hunt and

Can you kill a fox destroying property on your land in Oregon?

According to Oregon State Ed:

“If people, livestock, or pets are in imminent danger from a predator, the predator can be shot without a permit at any time. If a bobcat, fox, cougar, or bear is taken under these circumstances, the incident must be reported to ODFW or the Oregon State Police immediately. If you do not have the required tag/permit, or the incident occurs outside the legal hunting season for the species, you cannot take the animal into your possession.”

As always, your best legal move is to contact your local game warden or animal control officer before taking any action.

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