Laws for Hunting Fox in Colorado

What are the laws for hunting fox in Colorado this year? This article covers many of the fundamental laws you will need to know to get started. It also provides information such as seasons, harvest limits, and required permits for hunting fox in Colorado. It is not a legal document and is not intended to cover all hunting laws and regulations.

Laws for hunting fox in Colorado
The laws for hunting fox in Colorado.

In Colorado, fox hunting season runs from Oct. 1 until the end of February. Hunters need either a furbearer license or small-game license and the new annual furbearer harvest permit. 

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General laws for hunting fox in Colorado.

Hunting hours.

Legal times to hunt small game and/or waterfowl are one- half hour before sunrise to sunset.

An exception is made for furbearers, which can be hunted from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. Raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, striped skunks, beavers and red, gray or swift foxes can be hunted at night. See Furbearers under Small-Game Hunting Laws on page 5 for details.

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Using artificial light when hunting fox in Colorado.

Can you use artificial light when hunting bobcats in Colorado while on private land?

Artificial light (private land) may be used at night to take beaver, bobcat, coyote, gray fox, raccoon, red fox, striped skunk and swift fox on private land with written permission of the landowner, designated agent, lessee, or authorized employee.

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Callers and decoys. Are permitted for bobcat hunting.

While electronic callers are expensive, mouth and hand callers are less pricey but take time to learn how to use.

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NOTE: SMART RIFLES are prohibited, including any firearm equipped with a target tracking system, electronically controlled, assisted, computer-linked trigger, or a ballistics computer. Any gun equipped with a computer processor scope is considered a smart rifle.

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