The Extraordinary Benefits of Predator Hunting!

Predator hunting may be one of the most affordable and simplest sports for a beginner, but it often leads to hours of marksmanship practice, days of scouting, months of hunting, and a lifetime of animal study.

Build a better you!

Hunting foxes and coyotes will build your personal character in ways that have a direct, positive influence on the rest of your life. You’ll learn how to improve your patience and stamina. You’ll examine the natural world around you—at a level and intensity you never realized you possessed. You will live like a human again; outside, alone, struggling against the elements, and (often) in the dark of night.

It only takes a few ”stands” (half hour periods, spent sitting at selected hunting locations) to learn the basics. But spend a season at it and you’ll possess the tracking skills of a local guide, understand and predict animal behavior better than a Forest Ranger, and speak and translate more than a dozen different animal languages.

You already have what you need.

Predator hunting isn’t an expensive sport to try out. For less than $50, you can buy enough gear to get started. Got an old shotgun or .22? Add a simple red light, a rubber mouse squeaker, and some Velcro—and you’ve got all the equipment you’ll need to sit your first stand.

Don’t own any land, or have a place to hunt? Well, I got great news for you; you pay taxes on millions of acres of land, much of it within driving range of you and most of it legal to hunt on. Even better, after deer season, almost no one else hunts on it. This unspoiled land is rich with predators who have never heard the sound of coyote hunter’s calls. Here the sound of $10 mouse squeaker will lure in a red fox so close you could swat it with a stick.

There’s an endless supply of fox and coyote!

Predator hunting also offers far more trophy animals than any other hunting activity. Coyotes and foxes are invisible to most people, but their numbers are amazing.

Here’s a perfect example: Despite killing over 100 foxes and coyotes on this particular acre of land, a mated pair of Red Foxes were caught scouting my farm’s field during the writing of this post.

We need your skills, now.

Which brings us to reason we need more predator hunters. Predators are a property destroying animal. A single fox can easily kill 30 chickens if it gets into a farmer’s coop. A coyote will destroy hundreds of dollars of a rancher’s livestock in a single attack. Predators are bold, persistent, and costly nuisance animals—often destroying an entire garden, simply while searching for grubs and worms. Get good at hunting them, and these farmers, ranchers, and gardeners will grant you hunting privileges to their fields—and some will even pay you for your predator control services.

Get started, today!

Are you ready to take up predator hunting? Then get that old shotgun or .22 cleaned up, take a hunter’s safety class, and follow with for all the inside tips, tactics, and equipment reviews you will need to “Put fur in your truck.”

Dennis V. Gilmore Jr.

Dennis V. Gilmore Jr. is a former Marine Sergeant and the author of several books, including two on night hunting coyotes and red and gray fox. He has written several hundred articles on predator hunting for

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