My Favorites: Five Of The Greatest Predator Hunting Books

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There are many great predator hunting books to choose from today. Here’s my list of five books that beat them all.

Please note: If you purchase any of these titles through the links in the post, I will receive a small commission—at no extra cost to you.

1. Mike Huff’s Understanding Coyotes: The Comprehensive Guide for Hunter’s, Photographers and Wildlife Observers.

Mr. Huff’s book is the product of years of field research, boiled down and written in a manner that’s quite enjoyable to read. The information he provides on coyote senses, particularly their vision, is invaluable for coyote hunters. Understanding Coyotes will shatter many of the myths you have heard and correct many of your misinterpretations of coyote behavior. Understanding Coyotes is a book you will return to many times.

Mike was doing guided hunts the last time I looked in on his site. You can visit it here.

Recommended for all levels of coyote hunting, from beginner to expert.

2. Mike Huff’s Master Coyote Hunting

What can I say? Mike Huff isn’t just one of the nation’s leading experts on coyotes, he’s also a fantastic writer. In ”Master Coyote Hunting” Mike drops all pretense of taking pictures and studying coyotes. Here he teaches you everything you will need to do when you actually hunt coyotes. From finding a place to hunt, to finding the right taxidermist; everything is covered. Along the way, you learn Mike’s insider tips on weapon selection, caller placement, call sequences, and two things I’m no good at; using decoys and taking shots over 300 yards long.

The only downside? I only found it available as a Kindle product or audiobook.

Recommended for all levels of coyote hunting, from beginner to expert.

Ron Spomer’s Predator Hunting Strategies That Work From East To West

Here’s a great read that takes you deep into the minds of predators and prey. It begins with an exciting take on predator hunting history. But Mr. Spomer’s explanation of why prey makes loud distress calls is especially thought-provoking and encouraging for new predator hunters about to make their first sequences of calls. Be prepared to take a deep dive here, but the writing is first-rate, and there isn’t a sentence inside that doesn’t communicate valuable information. All predators in the U.S are covered.

Mr. Spomer has a website that covers every type of hunting imaginable. You can visit it by clicking here.

Recommened for everyone, but buy two and gift one to someone who has never hunted predators before.

4. Andrew Lewand’s Red Fox Focus

Mr. Lewand has written a shelf full of predator-hunting books, but this one is strictly about Red Fox. The reader quickly understands Mr. Lewand is speaking entirely from his personal experience. If you have never hunted red fox, this is the first and only book you’ll ever need to be successful. While the book is ten years old, if you have a limited budget and can’t afford night vision or thermal scopes, “Red Fox Focus” will teach you how to night hunt with just red lights.

Recommened for first time and limited experience predator hunters. Check out his other titles for more advanced techniques and hunting other predators. I found a FaceBook page for Mr. Lewand here.

5. Gerry Blair’s Predator Calling with Gerry Blair:

Before you scoff at the title, Blair was one of the truly great outdoorsmen. A trapper and rockhound, he also wrote for Trapper and Predator Caller magazine (which is still around today). His writing combines that unique style of “you are here with me,” and pure, field tested facts. This is a book about calling that dives into why animals respond, why they may not be responding, and when and where to use all the various types of calls. Mr. Blair is gone now, but the book is still tremendously helpful and with it, you can go calling with Gerry today.

Mr. Blair was famous to me for one reason—he shot a coyote while dressed as SANTA CLAUS. The guys from Fox Pro did it again last year—and gave Mr. Blair the credit he deserved.

That is also proof of Mr. Huff’s point that coyotes do not see the color red.

That’s my list of favorites. Check them out! I hope you learn as much about predator hunting from them as I did.

Warning: Shameless self promotion ahead!

I’ve written a couple of predator hunting books myself. My focus is on night hunting coyotes and red and gray foxes.

Dennis V. Gilmore Jr.

Dennis V. Gilmore Jr. is a former Marine Sergeant and the author of several books, including two on night hunting coyotes and red and gray fox. He has written several hundred articles on predator hunting for

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