Giant Lichen Orb Weavers: How to Identify

The Giant Lichen Orb weaver (Araneus bicentenarius) is a species of orb weaver in the family Araneidae. Its bite is not medically significant. The giant lichen orb weaver occurs in the Eastern part of the United States and Southeastern Canada.

Giant lichen orb weaver
Giant Lichen Orb Weaver. Large orb weaver spider, on spider web in tree. Isolated closeup. Photo credit: Wake Gorbatenko

Giant lichen orb weaver spider: Identification.

Giant lichen orb weaver spiders are gray, black, orange, or white with legs. All femora have uniquely marked dark and light-colored bands with an orange base. The alternating black and white stripes on each leg make the insect’s body visually striking.

Adult female Giant lichen orb weavers can be up to 1 inch long.

Giant lichen orb weaver spiders: Webs.

The webs of these spiders can be located up to 8 feet above the ground and be up to 8 feet in diameter.

Unlike most other orb weavers, Araneus bicentenarius is capable of weaving webs as large as 8 feet in circumference and often perched at the outside perimeter. This giant lichen spider has an alternative method to its contemporaries since they usually stay close to the center while awaiting their prey.

Giant lichen orb weavers are spiders in the expansive Araneidae family, easily spotted for their wheel-shaped webs made of silken thread. Prey that gets stuck to these spiral silk strands will be stunned by a bite from the spider’s fangs and then enshrouded in webbing – like they’ve been mummified!

As twilight descends, the spider devours its existing web, takes a brief respite, and then rapidly creates a fresh one at nearly the same spot; this prevents debris from piling up.

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