Garden Ghost Spider: How to Identify

Native to the United States and Canada, the Garden Ghost spider, “Hibana gracilis,” commonly known as the garden ghost spider, is a ghost spider belonging to the Anyphaenidae family.

Garden Ghost spider.
”Hibana gracilis”, the garden ghost spider, is a species of ghost spider in the family Anyphaenidae. It is found in the United States and Canada. Photo credit: Shots

Garden Ghost Spider: Identification.

Garden Ghost Spiders boast an unmistakable appearance, boasting an oblong and pointed abdomen and a creamy-white body further accented by a pale brownish triangular abdominal stripe. Moreover, when viewed up close, the spiders reveal black spines on their eight long legs and two extended pedipalps resembling black boxing gloves – all of which render Garden Ghosts incredibly identifiable.

The small yellowish-white or pale brown-white spiders typically measure 0.15″ – 0.3″ long. Another identifiable feature of Garden ghost spiders in the family Anyphaenidaeis that the two central eyes on the bottom row are the smallest.

Easily identifiable, the whitish Garden ghost spider has a distinctly pointed abdomen and pale tan legs with black spines. Additionally, this arachnid species features two rows of four eyes for maximum visibility.

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