Coyote Hunting in Wyoming: Regulations

Are you thinking about going coyote hunting in Wyoming? Wyoming is the 10th largest state by area and the least populous and least densely populated state in the contiguous United States. In 1995 the coyote population suffered a 50% decline thanks to the introduction of wolves. The good news for predator hunters? Coyotes have made a comeback.

Coyote hunting in Wyoming regulations.
Coyotes in Wyoming have adapted to the presence of wolves.

Coyotes are defined as predators in Wyoming. There are no license requirements or stamps required to hunt coyotes in Wyoming. Likewise, there are no bag limits. The only restriction on the taking of coyotes is you cannot harvest a coyote from any public road.

Purchase a license

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Coyote hunting in Wyoming.

Suppressors. When legally owned, they may be used for hunting.

Electronic callers. Legal for predator hunting.

While electronic callers are expensive, mouth and hand callers are cheaper but harder to use.

Read this article and watch the video to learn how to use a closed reed rabbit squealer.

You can check the price for an electronic caller on Amazon.

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Contests allowed.

Bounties are not available at this time.

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Can you use a light at night for coyote hunting in Wyoming?

ARTIFICIAL LIGHT FOR HUNTING PROHIBITED; EXCEPTION. No person shall take any wildlife with the aid of or by using any artificial light or lighting device except that predators may be taken with the aid of an artificial light or lighting device by:

(i) A public officer authorized to and conducting predator control;

(ii) A landowner, resident manager, or person with the landowner’s or a resident manager’s written permission to take predators on land under the landowner’s control for the protection of their property.

It is prima facie evidence of a violation if a person uses artificial light in an area that may be inhabited by wildlife while having in their possession and control any device for taking wildlife. This shall not prohibit the hunting on foot of raccoon with the aid of a hand light, provided the hunter is accompanied by a raccoon hunting dog and, if hunting on private land(s), has the written permission of the landowner or their agent.

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Can you use bait when hunting coyote in Wyoming?

Yes, with the following restrictions:

BAIT RESTRICTIONS. No person shall take a game animal, game bird, or game fish and use any part thereof for bait to hunt, trap or poison any wildlife of Wyoming.

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Riflescope rules for hunting coyotes in Wyoming.

Is a battery-powered scope legal to use?

Battery-powered scopes are legal to use for hunting, provided the battery is not powering a visible light projected at the target or providing an enhanced ability to see in the dark.

*Predatory animal (predators) are defined as: coyote, jackrabbit, porcupine, raccoon, red fox, skunk or stray cat; and gray wolf located outside the Wolf Trophy Game Management Area and Seasonal Wolf Trophy Game Management Area as described in W. S. § 23-1- 101(a)(xii)(B)(I) and (II).

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Devices Allowed For Hunting

Fiber-optic and light gathering sights.

Sights emitting natural light.


Scopes with built-in rangefinders.

Battery-powered scopes that use a lighted reticle or dot projected only within the scope.

Battery-powered bow pins.

Lighted arrow nocks (Example: Lumenok®).

Are thermal scopes legal while hunting coyotes in Wyoming?

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Illegal acts when coyote hunting in Wyoming.

PROHIBITED ACTS. It is illegal to:

• Use any dog to hunt, run or harass any big or trophy game animal, a protected animal, or furbearing animal except as otherwise provided by statute. The Commission shall regulate the use of dogs to take mountain lions and bobcats during hunting or trapping seasons.

• Use any aircraft with the intent to spot, locate and aid in the taking of any game animal from August 1 through January 31 of the following calendar year. Nothing in this Section shall apply to the operation of an aircraft in a usual manner where there is no attempt or intent to locate any game animal, such as aircraft used for the sole purpose of passenger transport.

• Take and leave, abandon or allow the edible portion of any game bird, game fish, or game animal (except trophy game animal) to intentionally or needlessly go to waste.

• Transport illegally taken wildlife across state lines; such transportation is a violation of the Federal Lacey Act.

• Abandon meat from a big game animal or game bird at a meat processing plant. Unless there is an express agreement between the processing plant and the person providing otherwise, any meat from a big game animal or game bird left at a meat processing plant for more than forty-five (45) days is prima facie evidence of a violation if written notice of the expiration of time has been attempted by the processing plant in accordance with rules and regulations promulgated by the Commission.

• Harass, pursue, hunt, shoot or kill any Wyoming wildlife except predatory animals with, from, or by use of any flying machine, automotive vehicle, trailer, motor-propelled wheeled vehicle, or vehicle designed for travel over snow. The Commission may exempt handicapped hunters from any of these provisions. It is also illegal to shoot waterfowl from a boat under power or sail.

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