Can house spiders hurt you? Are house spiders Venomous?

Can house spiders hurt you? Well, getting a house spider to bite you is difficult, let alone hurt you.

Can house spiders hurt you
Common house spider.

Can house spiders hurt you?

Although house spiders can appear intimidating, they will rarely bite a human. Once they find a spot with plenty of food around them, these critters are inclined to stay in their webs and wait for prey instead of going on regular hunts, unlike black widows or brown recluse spiders.

Males may wander around when it’s mating season, but even then, the chances of them biting you is slim due to their small size.

Even if provoked, the common house spider would usually only bite when grabbed, handled, or pressed against one’s skin.

Are house spiders dangerous to me?

Though common house spiders possess venom in their fangs to subdue prey, the amount is almost negligible compared to what would affect an average human.

Consequently, it’s unlikely that a person with no allergy issues will have any reaction from being bitten by one of these spiders.

However, those vulnerable or sensitive to insect bites and stings may experience red bumps, rashes, or hives – should this occur, you must seek medical help immediately.

How do house spiders get inside a home?

House spiders may be diminutive, but they are not lacking in stealth. These arachnids can utilize the tiniest cracks and crevices to enter a home. Typically found lurking in quiet corners that offer plenty of prey, basement areas are ideal places to spot them!

Common house spiders can access a home through cracks in your foundation, holes or openings in siding, and even the tiniest spaces beneath doors. They can also slither into interior wall cavities if there is an opening. To top it off, window screens with tearings provide them with an easy opportunity for entry. These open doors allow common house spiders free reign within your walls!

When a common house spider enters your home, they quickly construct webs and start to feed. If a male and female have infiltrated the same area, eggs will likely be laid in those webs shortly after. Once the spiderlings hatch from these eggs, they will search for other places within your residence, leading to an overwhelming infestation of spiders if left unchecked!

So, can a house spider hurt you?

Short of being allergic or falling while fleeing the sight of one–absolutely not.

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